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I am a writer, editor, and translator with many years of professional experience. You can expect clear, cogent, intelligible text couched in a style suitable to the occasion: simple and unadorned; precise and specific; or elegantly presented with finesse. So much writing these days, especially what appears on the Internet and in other digital media, reads as if it were a first draft in Freshman English class. Not so here. My many years of experience in writing, editing, teaching, and mentoring are your assurance that you will get only the best work especially tailored to your specific needs.


My background, interests, and expertise cover a wide territory: technology, Internet marketing, health and wellness, education, language, literature, travel, intercultural communication, music, film, the fine arts, Japan and Asia, self-help, New Age, psychology, gender politics, and more. Some writers boast that they have scant professional training, little formal education, and next to no in-house experience as writers or editors. That is not the case with me. Check out my bio page for a full rundown.


If you are preparing a comprehensive set of texts for a new promotion, a sales campaign, product introduction, a website, instructional materials, training courses, or any other large project, you can profit from a professional editor who will check through your materials, perform a careful copy-edit, and establish consistency and unformity over a broad range of texts—especially useful if more than one writer has contributed to your project. Having worked as an editor at Charles Scribner's Sons and Logos International as well as on several academic publishing projects, I can guarantee you the very highest editorial standards.


If you need translations into English from German, French, and Japanese, with short deadlines if necessary, I can meet your needs with accurate and felicitous renderings of both paper documents intended for print as well as website materials targeting online users. I have studied and taught German and French for many years, have lived and studied in Europe, and have resided in Japan for nearly thirty years. You can have confidence that the quality and accuracy of my translation work meets the highest standards of literacy. Also, since I have designed and launched a number of online projects and courses, I can give you suggestions about how to present text on the Internet in a readable fashion suited to the chunk-style scanning most people do when reading online documents. Projects involving English versions of websites for an international audience are particularly welcome.


As a trained academic, my research background is long and varied. Since I am also a professional library and information studies specialist, trained in Washington, DC, at the U.S. Library of Congress, virtually no area of research is off-limits. Anybody can do research on the Internet, of course, because the web is a vast reservoir or information, but evaluating sources and judging their accuracy and reliability is the work of a professional. Also, presenting complex material in an understandable fashion is crucial to delivering any research results.

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